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Confectionery - Boxes

Boxes of Chocolate and Other Confectionery

A box of chocolates remains one of the simplest yet most effective gifts you can buy. Perfect for giving as a birthday or Christmas present, or as a gift to your host on arrival at a party, a chocolate box is the number one choice.

At British Corner Shop our wide range of confectionery boxes comprises a number of classic British choices (Milk Tray, Terrys All Gold) interspersed with some continental favourites (Lindt, Guylian), ensuring there is something to suit every occasion.

A more recent addition to the confectionery market has been the pack of miniature chocolate bars: Cadburys Heroes boasts bite-size Twirls, Dairy Milks and Fingers of Fudge, whilst Celebrations features the likes of Snickers, Galaxy and Bounty.

These have proved hugely popular since their launch, and are particularly good for passing round amongst the family at Christmas. Everyone has their favourite, and hopefully no-one shares the same favourite as you!

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