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Pet Products - Cats Kitten/Senior

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Cat Food for Kittens and Senior Cats

Giving your cat the appropriate food for their age group will help them to receive the most suitable balance of vitamins, minerals and proteins to ensure they stay strong, healthy and happy, whether they are a kitten or a senior cat.

Kittens benefit from a carefully balanced food that is gentle on the tummy, but also allows them to grow big and strong - as well as providing them with sufficient energy to play and explore all day long.

Older cats tend to slow down a little, so their diet requires a reduced amount of calories and energy to ensure they don't gain too much weight in old age.

Brands such as Go Cat, Whiskas and Felix have teams of experts who have developed the best possible foods for your much loved pet during the different stages of their life, so check out the range of styles and flavours and away you go!

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