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Confectionery - Chocolate Big Bars

Big Bars of Chocolate

Why opt for a standard size bar of chocolate when you can have an extra-large version?! This will probably be the question on your lips as you browse our mouth-watering selection of big chocolate bars.

Of course, these super-sized confectionery items are perfect for sharing with friends and family - whether it's on a car journey, a trip to the local multiplex or a good old-fashioned night in front of the television.

They are also ideal for expats who feel more comfortable in the knowledge they have a hefty reserve of British chocolate at their disposal (you never know when that mixture of homesickness and chocolate cravings will kick in!).

Our extensive range of large chocolate bars is packed with everything from classic Cadbury Dairy Milk to the more continental Lindt Dark Chocolate, ensuring there is something to suit all tastes. Enjoy!

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