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Will my chocolate items be safe going to a hot country?

Purchasing chocolate or confectionery destined for countries with hot climates is done so at your own risk.

We cannot send chocolate out with ice packs, as this damages the chocolate causing a white bloom. The condensation will also cause damage to other items in the order.

Chocolate items will be dispatched in ambient boxes, please note that we cannot offer refunds for chocolate items that have melted due to a heatwave or hot climates.

Thank you for understanding.

Has Coronavirus affected British Corner Shop's Service?

We are taking orders as normal, and are no longer limiting the maximum quantity of each product to 6 in the UK as we have the majority of our core range in stock. Our courier partners' ability to deliver remains largely unaffected, although there are surcharges to some destinations that will be shown on checkout if they apply.

We are currently experiencing high demand, and are running at 1-2 working days for your order to be dispatched..

70% of our core range is in stock and available, and we are receiving more supplies daily. We have paused our Chilled/Fresh service until further notice. You can order from our Ambient range as usual. If a product is 'In Stock' on the website, we have it available in our warehouse.

We will keep you updated of any changes.

Why is there a delivery surcharge at the moment?

DHL Statement: You will all have seen in the news or experienced first-hand the dramatic impact the current COVID-19 crisis is having on the global aviation industry. DHL Global Network teams have been working around the clock to react and adjust their network, adapting it to reflect the changes in capacity and demand resulting from the global upheaval.

The reduction in air cargo capacity and destinations has necessitated a switch in routings and the purchase of additional cargo aircraft lift, which is in high demand. We do this because we strongly believe in our company mission: 'Connecting people, improving lives'. Never has that been more necessary than it is today. Enabling the flow of goods, ranging from consumer products to relief supplies, plays a crucial role in the welfare of the world's citizens and the stability of our societies.

As a result, DHL are temporarily applying a surcharge of between £2.25 and £13.50. This will automatically be applied at checkout.

Thank you for understanding - we will, as always, update if anything changes.

ParcelForce: There are also a small number of destinations where ParcelForce are applying surcharges. Again, these will be automatically applied dependingon Country and order size.

Are my credit card details safe when using this website?

Absolutely, we use SagePay to process our online transactions using their 100% secure encrypted payment screens. British Corner Shop does not store any card details.

Do I have to register before ordering from British Corner Shop?

No, registration is optional so you don't have to register if you would prefer not to, although it is free and there are benefits in doing so.

How do I earn Reward Points?

To earn reward points you must register first, and then be logged in while you place an order.

For more information see our reward points page.

I've forgotten my login, can you send a reminder?

Yes, use our forgotten login form to have an instant reminder sent to your email address. If you have since changed your email address please contact us.

Forgotten Login Instructions in Full:

1. First, go to the British Corner Shop homepage and click the 'Login' button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

2. Click the 'Forgotten login?' link underneath the 'Existing Customer' login section.

3. Next, enter the existing email address that you have registered to your account and click the 'Send Password Reminder' – don’t forget to select the 'I’m not a Robot' (unless you are, of course).

4. An email will be sent to your inbox with a temporary password link - click this and follow the instructions to set up your new British Corner Shop password. Voila!

I have changed my email address, how do I update my registered details?

Login from the homepage and click on the 'My Account' link at the top right of the screen. You can update all of your personal details here including your email address, address, phone number and even your login.

I registered but did not receive my verification email, what do I do?

To complete the registration process we send an automated email. This contains a link that you must click or cut and paste into your browser to verify your new free account.

This email should be with you within a few minutes of registering. If you do not receive it, first check your spam folder as it may have been accidentally caught in there.

If you still cannot find the email, contact us by email or by calling us on +44(0)1454 228870 (Office hours: 9am - 4:30pm GMT, Monday - Friday) and tell us your name and username. We can activate your account manually and will check that your email address is correctly entered.

With what web browsers can I use British Corner Shop?

Our website has been designed to work with modern desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. However, we advise that using outdated browsers will compromise your experience.

To get the best experience from the website, we advise that you have Javascript enabled.

How can I check to see if a product has a 'Best Before' date?

Occasionally you will see an item in the shop with our short date icon. This brings to your attention those products with relatively short best before dates.

Hovering over the icon will tell you how many days are left before the best before date, at the time of dispatch from British Corner Shop.

Short dated items are typically crumpets, cakes or muffins which are all suitable for freezing when they arrive with you.

Please note the difference between Best Before date and Use By date: Foods with a longer shelf life or those unlikely to be a health risk are labelled with a BEST BEFORE date. Perishable foods which are likely to be a health risk after a short time are labelled with a USE BY date.

How do you calculate your exchange rate?

We set a commercial rate weekly based on the mid-market rate, plus a small margin to cover our costs of transacting in Euros and US Dollars.

Can I place my order over the phone?

We are unable to take orders over the phone as we very focused on protecting our customers details and do not wish to be given sensitive information with regards to your payment information.

Can I add to an order once it has been placed?

We pride ourselves on the speed at which we get your order on its way to you so once an order has been placed you cannot add to it as it slows down our dispatch time.

I have a business can I still place an order?

Yes there is no limit on the size of your order. We do also have a wholesale website if you would prefer to buy in cases or pallets there is a min order of £350 on this site

Can I buy alcohol on your site?

We are now able to send alcohol to certain countries. Please select your country when you enter the shop to see if this option is available to your chosen destination. You must be of legal purchasing and drinking age within your country of residence, and by placing an order you confirm that you are of the legal drinking age. We reserve the right not to deliver if we are unsure of this. Please drink responsibly!


Why is the weight shown per product different when you add it to the basket?

The weight shown next to the product is the actual wight of the contents inside its own packaging.

For example, a tin of Heinz Tomato Soup is 400g, this is what the soup would weigh if you poured it out of the tin.

When you add your item to the basket we have to take into account the weight of the tin or box that an item is packaged in, along with the space the product takes up in the box, also we have to factor in our own packaging to ensure the item reaches you in premium condition.

This is known as the Shipping Weight, and is what we use to calculate the delivery charge. Our unique 'Shipping Optimiser' bar in the Shopping Basket shows you the total actual weight of your order (blue bar), and the shipping weight (blue + red bar).

Is there a minimum or maximum order size?

There is no minimum or maximum order size for Dry Goods except for BFPO (200 – 499) Ships, whereby the maximum order size is 10kg. There is however, a £25 minimum order size for Chilled Goods. To help you get the best value for your order's shipping cost, the shopping basket has a useful Shipping Optimiser to show the remaining capacity of the box.

For more information see our shipping page.

Can I request items not listed in the shop?

Yes, complete our product suggestion form and we will collate the items once we have enough requests. We will do our very best to add the product to the shop. Include your email address and we will let you know when the item has been added and is available to buy.

Can I send an order to an address that differs to where my card is registered?

Yes, we allow this and on checkout you can specify a different billing address to your shipping address. This is useful if you want to send a parcel to friends or family abroad.

How do I quickly place a repeat order?

You must be registered first. There are two ways to place a repeat order. When logged in you can view your order history within 'My Account', and select to add the items from an old order to your shopping basket.

Alternatively you have the option to 'Save Basket' at any time during your shop, or after checkout. If you have a saved basket, you can select the 'Load Basket' option to put your saved items into your shopping basket.

You can view both your order history, and the contents of your saved basket within 'My Account'.

I thought it was up to 30Kg per box, why can I only fit in about 25Kg?

It's not a mistake, the reason for this is that the volume, weight and packaging are all taken into account when calculating how full your current box is.

For example, a multi-pack of crisps is very light but also very bulky, yet a tin of baked beans on the other hand is compact and heavy. As well as a weight limit we also have to work to maximum box dimensions, so both volume and weight must be taken into account on a per-product basis.

You can be assured that we do everything we can to maximise how much we can fit into each box, to give you the best possible value for delivery.

How many product lines do you sell on the website overall?

We stocks over 10,000 products. The total number fluctuates as we add new items and product ranges. With seasonal variations such as Christmas we can have more.

If the product you want is not available, please use our suggest a product form and we will do our best to add it to the website.

Are products suitable for freezing?

Yes, however we recommend that you check the freezing guidelines on the packaging when you receive your order.

Can I use more than one discount at a time?

No, you can only use one type of voucher code, discount or cash in reward points against an order. We only permit one type of discount per order.

I forgot to log in can I add my reward points?

Yes please call our customer service team on +44(0)1454 228870 (Office hours: 9am - 4:30pm GMT, Monday - Friday), who will be happy to get these added for you. We are unable to add the order to your history so you will be unable to track it's process through our system or view it in your account.

How do I change my currency?

If you are a registered customer then you can set your currency preference in your account, if not you can change your currency in the shop (subcategory view) using the currency dropdown menu.

How do I change my country?

If you are a registered customer then you can set your country preference in your account, if not when you enter the shop at the top of the screen on the right hand side you will see a globe or country flag, click on this and you can select your country.

I placed an order but have not received my chilled items

Due to the way in which we ship our chilled items the orders are processed on a Thursday morning at 10am (GMT) and are dispatched the following Monday or Tuesday. We cannot ship chilled and ambient in the same box so if you have placed a mixed order they will be shipped separately and incur 2 delivery charges.

I've spent over £100 why haven't I got free shipping?

Unfortunately we can no longer offer free delivery over £100 to selected EU Countries. Courier costs have increased, and unfortunately it is no longer viable for us to subsidise this.

When I go into the shop, I can see Waitrose and Chilled items but when I set my country it disappears, why?

We are only able at this time to ship these products to specific countries, if the items disappear then unfortunately we cannot ship to your destination.

Why have the product prices gone up?

You may have noticed that over the last 3 years, our prices have only increased by 5%. We‘ve always done our utmost to absorb price increases and not pass on to our customers, however unfortunately it's no longer sustainable for us to do so, which means we've had to amend our current pricing.

Why are the prices different by country?

We have recently introduced different pricing per Country. The price of a product sold in one Country may be different to another.

This is due to commercial differences, for example different VAT / Sales tax rates are charged on goods in different Countries, and as a business we consciously subsidise delivery to certain territories to offer better overall value to our customers.

Particular products cost us more to ship internationally. This is why you might see a larger price variation on some products than on others. We have worked the pricing out carefully to make sure we don't raise prices on most products, whilst at the same time not losing money on items that are more expensive to ship.

Our pricing algorithm factors in weight, volume, margin and delivery subsidy on each product to calculate the price we have to sell at, with the goal of optimising your overall basket.

Why am I restricted on how much baby milk I can order?

Due to customs restrictions you are only able to order a specified maximum amount per order. This varies per country and per product so if the amount is exceeded you will be notified at checkout.


How can I optimise my order for cost effective delivery?

We offer a unique system to help you get the best value for shipping. In the shopping basket you will see our Optimiser, which, at a glance, indicates how much is in your current box. The closer to 100%, the best possible deal on shipping.

Shipping: France


Delivery: £12.99

Shipping Optimiser Key

  • Blue Bar - Actual weight of the products in your order.
  • Red Bar - Volumisation and packaging weight factors.
  • Blue and Red Combined - Overall volumised weight of order, including packaging weight.

If your box isn't full, you can add additional items for the same delivery price. Other destinations vary, but for our fixed price tariffs, which cover many countries, you can order up to around 25-30Kg before entering the next tariff bracket.

Equally, if you have just tipped over into a second box, you could remove one item to reduce the delivery charge back down to one box.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are delivered to most European destinations within 4 to 8 working days for tracked deliveries, 3 to 9 working days for non tracked economy post. Deliveries to non-European countries take between 7 and 12 working days for tracked deliveries, 4 to 15 working days for non tracked economy post, depending on how long Customs take to clear your goods. UK weekends and Bank holidays being classed as non-working days.

Please note that during peak times such as the lead up to Christmas, high order volumes and busy couriers can increase dispatch times. Please make allowances for such busy periods and order in plenty of time.

How will chilled orders be delivered?

If you are ordering chilled/fresh products for delivery to the UK or Europe, these will be sent to you in specially insulated containers.

Our chilled packaging has been researched and developed in the UK specifically for our purposes. Your order will arrive perfectly chilled and safe within 48-72 hours.

We dispatch chilled orders weekly on a Tuesday, and they will arrive with you on the Thursday or Friday.

We have tested all of our chilled packaging to ensure your products arrive with you in perfect condition. Within your chilled order box you will find layers of bubble wrap and ice (with no ice touching the food products) all tightly contained within a polystyrene box.

We currently deliver our chilled range to the following destinations: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece (with the exception of islands: Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Zakynthos and Corfu), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Monaco, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Chilled orders are delivered separately, in special refridgerated packaging. The cost of the chilled packaging has been factored into the product prices.

We provide a 2 day dispatch date window followed by online tracking, so you can ensure someone is in to receive your order.

Please note that we cannot accept claims if someone is not at home when delivery of chilled orders is made.

When will I receive my delivery tracking email?

Orders are dispatched within 2-3 working days, at which point we will send you an email with details of how to track the delivery progress of your parcel(s) online.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide. Check to see if we deliver to your Country. We also deliver to BFPO addresses.

Will I have to pay any extra costs at customs?

We do strongly recommend you check with your local customs before placing an order with us. This is just to make sure you are aware of any products that may not be allowed into the country, or any extra charges that may be added.

Many countries will not charge anything; however, as customs guidelines can vary from country to country it is always better to check before you order.

Will my order be insured?

All of our deliveries are fully insured, and we have a dedicated customer service team to make sure that every delivery gets to it's destination on time. Once you login you can also track your order online. (Courier deliveries only)

We guarantee that any breakages will be refunded. (We require photographic evidence of all breakages for a refund to be given).

You can shop safe in the knowledge that your expertly packed order will arrive on time, every time. That’s our shipping promise.

How will my chilled order be delivered?

All of our deliveries are fully insured, and we have a dedicated customer service team to make sure that every delivery gets to it's destination on time. Once you login you can also track your order online. (Courier deliveries only)

We guarantee that any breakages will be refunded. (We require photographic evidence of all breakages for a refund to be given).

You can shop safe in the knowledge that your expertly packed order will arrive on time, every time. That’s our shipping promise.

Where can I find my delivery information?

When you enter the shop, set your country and click on the delivery link at the top of the site. This will take you to our delivery page and will contain everything that you need to know. This includes the couriers available, price and delivery times.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is dispatched you will receive a dispatch email. This will contain your tracking number if you have selected the courier option. Economy post is untracked.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

A card should be left by the delivery agent and they will either re-attempt delivery or deliver to the local post office or parcel depot.

Is my delivery insured?

Yes all of our deliveries are fully insured.

Why have your free and half price shipping offers stopped?

Providing our customers with the best overall value possible has always been a top priority for us at British Corner Shop, and so historically we have always done our best to absorb any price increases from our couriers and provide offers that give customers the opportunity to save when they place bigger orders.

However, after some significant courier price increases in 2019, it has become necessary for us to now share some of the price increases with our customers.

We are still significantly subsidising the delivery price and will continue to do our upmost to implement more shipping offers in the future.

We've recently published a blog all about making the most out of your orders, giving you the best possible chance to save where possible.

Why have your delivery prices gone up?

Providing our customers with the best overall value possible has always been a top priority for us at British Corner Shop, and so historically we have always done our best to absorb any price increases from our couriers. However, after some significant courier price increases in 2019 it has become necessary for us to now share some of the price increases with our customers.

We are still significantly subsidising the delivery price and will continue to do our upmost to improve upon these costs in the future.

We've recently published a blog all about making the most out of your orders, giving you the best possible chance to save where possible.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit card types including Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, American Express, and Maestro. PayPal is also accepted.

What currencies can I pay in?

You can shop and pay in Pounds Sterling, Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Australian Dollars. You can select your preferred currency within the shop. Exchange rates fluctuate and track market rate.


What happens after the 31st January 2020?

It will be business as usual, as the UK will enter a transitional period with the EU for the next 11 months until the end of December 2020, trading under the same rules as now.

There will be no immediate changes, and there won't be any change at all until the transitional phase completes at the end of 2020 and a new deal is struck.

So, from February 1st you can continue ordering as usual from British Corner Shop with no change.

Will British Corner Shop still exist after Brexit?

Yes we will! Regardless of the deal negotiated during the 2020 transitional phase, we'll continue to trade in 2021. It's worth mentioning that we already trade with rest of world without any problems.

Will your pricing go up?

We are and always will be committed to keeping any price impact to a minimum. There are currently costs associated with exporting to Europe, which for example, if replaced with a customs charge - may just cancel each other out.

If we do see prices increase from suppliers, then we may have to pass these on to customers. However, if the pound weakens after Brexit - then you may see a price decrease when ordering in Euros!

Will you still be able to deliver to Europe?

We certainly will!

We're confident in the contingency plans that our courier partners have undertaken to minimise disruption to their customers supply chain.

These plans include; Enhancement of infrastructure and systems, sustained delivery of service levels and customer and government support during the transition.

Should I expect longer delivery periods post-Brexit

Not at all, they will be equivalent to now.

If I live outside of the EU will I see any changes to the service?

No, it will be business as usual!

Will there be a customs charge?

Yes, there may be a customs charge.

We are still waiting to see what happens with the Political deal. In a no-deal scenario, there would be customs charges.

We may decide to use a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) approach and pay these customs charges on behalf of the customer at the point of dispatch, meaning no financial impact involved when shopping with us.

Will there be changes in your product selection

We don't envisage any restriction in the range we offer post-Brexit - so you'll still be able to shop your British favourites with ease.

How are British Corner Shop planning on handling Brexit?

We have undertaken extensive scenario planning and have our systems and processes ready to handle a range of possible outcomes.

Our key courier partners have reassured us that their Brexit planning is comprehensive enough to deal with any predicted changes.

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