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Herbs, Spices, Salts and Seasonings

Any cooking enthusiast knows that keeping your spice rack well-stocked is an absolute must. Nothing is worse than reaching for the Cajun spice mix half way through the cooking process and finding an empty jar.

Spices are a great way to add flavour and inspiration to your cooking; a fairly bland chicken stir-fry can become a mouth-watering treat when you add a generous dose of Piri Piri Chicken Seasoning.

Our selection of herbs and spices gives you access to a whole range of recipes and flavours from all over the world. If you fancy whipping up a Thai green curry or are hankering for some Jamaican jerk chicken - we've got you covered!

If you like experimenting and adding flavour to your cooking, but are a little on the lazy side, why not check out our array of Very Lazy cooking ingredients? Garlic and chopped ginger straight from the jar? What could be easier?

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