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Household Laundry - Liquid Detergents

Liquid Detergents for Household Laundry

Although liquid detergents tend to be a little more expensive than the traditional powder alternative, they offer an extremely effective approach to cleaning your clothes as well as providing a number of additional benefits.

One of the greatest benefits of liquid detergents is their ability to thoroughly and completely dissolve in water. This means no unsightly white streaks left on your clothing post-wash, a common issue with powder detergents.

As well as leaving your clothes residue free, liquid detergents can also help to save you time and money in the long-term; a guaranteed streak-free wash means no need to re-rinse your clothes before hanging them out.

We stock a selection of the most popular liquid detergents from the experts at Ariel, Persil, Bold, Surf, Daz and Fairy, so check out the options and get the washing on!

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