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Toiletries - Mens Toiletries

Mens Toiletries - Shower Gel, Deoderant, Hair Wax

Here at the British Corner Shop we stock a whole range of toiletries to keep the lads happy - if you need shower gel, shaving cream, razors, hair wax, deodorant or roll-ons then you've come to the right place!

Amazingly, deodorant was first introduced in the 9th century by Ziryab, a North African musician, composer, singer, poet, teacher and inventor. The first commercial deodorant was introduced in 1888 in the US, and went by the name Mum.

The razor is even more ancient, with the oldest razor ever discovered dating back as far as 18,000 BC. The modern razors that we know today, however, were introduced in the 18th century and are much safer and easier to operate than these early blades.

These historic creations, along with more modern alternatives such as roll on deodorant (a mere 60 years old) and antiperspirant (introduced in the mid 60s) now come in many flavours, shapes and sizes, so check out the options and take your pick!

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