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Metal Polish

Polishing metal may seem like an archaic activity that is no longer relevant in the modern age, but there are a surprising number of modern products that benefit from being treated with a metal polish.

The most common items that can be cleaned up and restored using a metal polishing product are DVDs, CDs and screens. Amazingly, DVDs and CDs can actually be restored to working order if scratches are treated with metal polish.

Metal polishes are also useful for maintaining larger items, such as ovens, cars and boats (if you are lucky enough to own one!). It is surprisingly easy to buff out unsightly scratches on the body work of a car, leaving it looking brand new!

You are in safe hands with any of the metal polishes we stock here; Brasso products have been in use for over a hundred years, and Goddards have been in business since the 1830s, so you can rest assured their formulas are tried and tested!

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