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Herbs/Spice/Salt - Other

Herbs and Spices - Other

Adding herbs and spices to a meal is a quick and easy way to add interest to your cooking, and if you are running a little short on culinary inspiration then you can even let your choice of herbs and spices drive the cooking process.

We stock a fantastic array of Slap Ya Mamma and Nandos spice mixes that will take your basic chicken and chips meal and make it into a mouth-watering feast for everyone to enjoy.

If you are looking to add a taste of the Caribbean to your cooking then make sure you check out our range of Spices from Dunn's River; they are the experts when it comes to Jamaican jerk seasonings and the vibrant flavours of the Caribbean.

The most important thing for any cooking enthusiast is to keep your spice cupboard well stocked; the last thing you want is to reach for the secret ingredient and find an empty space in the cupboard!

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