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Homebaking Extras

We stock a whole range of baking goodies for all you aspiring bakers - everything from mixed orange and lemon peels and glace cherries, to easy bake yeast and bicarbonate of soda.

If you are after a little baking inspiration, our selection of Homebaking Extras is just the ticket. This eclectic mix of baking goods includes a number of lesser known products, which is ideal if you are looking for new ideas.

If you are looking for a thickening agent, make sure you pick up a bag of our ground arrowroot. This product has twice the thickening strength of regular flour, is completely devoid of flavour and is very digestible. In short - it's the perfect thickener!

Or if you are want a thickener that also maintains moisture, try a bottle of our Karo Light Corn Syrup. It will also add a little sweetness and help to maintain freshness for longer. What more could you possibly ask for?

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