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Rice and Pasta

Rice, Pasta, Cous Cous and Savoury Snacks

Pasta, rice and cous cous are some of the most versatile and easily prepared foods that are available. Simply add boiling water and simmer for the appropriate amount of time, and you open the door to a huge variety of delicious meals.

The Italians have been eating pasta for hundreds of years; it is part of their staple diet and is one of the main components in classic Italian meals such as spaghetti bolognaise and lasagne.

Rice is a staple food worldwide, but especially in Asia where it is produced in huge quantities. It is a particularly healthy food and currently provides around 20% of the world's dietary energy supply.

Cous cous originated in North Africa, and these days comes in a huge variety of styles and flavours. Stock your cupboards with a selection of rice, pasta and cous cous, all of which are great to have to hand and open up endless culinary possibilities.

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