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Household - Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves for Washing Up

It is always useful to have a few pairs of rubber gloves available for when you need to do the washing up - they keep your hands dry, protect them from any cleaning agents and make it possible to use very hot water without burning your hands.

Rubber gloves were invented in 1889 by William Halsted, first chief of surgery at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He developed them as a means to prevent medical staff from catching dermatitis, which results from skin contact with surgical chemicals.

The use of rubber gloves by surgeons quickly caught on and became normal practise, but it wasn't until the 1960s that household rubber gloves were introduced. Classic design yellow and pink washing up gloves are still sold in their millions every year.

Household rubber gloves can also be used when cleaning, as they protect your hands from harsh chemicals. Best practice is to wear tight fitting gloves that allow just a little breathing room, making it easier to pick up and hold items.

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