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Household - Scouring Pads/Cloths

Scouring Pads and Cloths

The first incarnation of the scouring pad came in the form of a scouring ball, which was patented by R. B. Kingman in 1928. As you can probably imagine, it was a spherical metal mesh that was used for cleaning surfaces.

By 1942 the scouring ball was reinvented and reshaped it into a toroid (a ring-doughnut shaped object). This toroid-shaped scourer was the brain child of David Kelman.

The scouring pad took a final evolutionary leap in 1988 when the mesh material was threaded through and wrapped around a layer of sponge, enabling it to float. An inventor by the name of Hans J. Hartman coined this concept.

Scouring products aren't used as commonly as in the past, as they remove the non-stick layers in pans. As well as a number of scourers, we also stock various cloths and pads if you are looking for a gentler cleaning product.

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