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Gravy/Stock/Stuffing - Stock

Stock for Gravy, Seasoning and Flavouring

No kitchen is complete without a selection of stock. It forms the basis of a huge variety of different soups and sauces, and is the perfect ingredient for adding a little flavour to your cooking.

If you are looking to make a truly authentic British gravy (instant gravy doesn't count), then stock is the secret ingredient. Just simmer any left over meat scrapings and carcasses in water and add a generous dose of stock. Job done.

Stock also forms the key ingredient in any homemade soup. Once you have chopped up your veg and meat and added it to boiling water, sprinkle in your choice of stock to add that extra bit of flavour

Any chef or cooking enthusiast will know how versatile stock is. It can add flavour to almost any meal, from spaghetti bolognaise or lasagne to a roast dinner or chicken and chips, stock is the key to giving your cooking a blast of extra flavour.

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